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Oct. 17th, 2007

Mostly a Cockatoo, but there's a Timneh in the background getting down as well.

Happy First Hatch Day!

Today is my CAG Schroeder's very first hatch day and I wanted to share a few of the pictures from our bash this morning :)

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Veggie Suggestions, Please

So far I have not been able to get Max to eat any veggies.  It doesn't surprise me of course since his first owner didn't feed them to him.  I have tried, carrots, sugar snap peas, sweet potato and romaine.  All of which he has turned down so I thought I'd ask you guys before deciding what to try next, what vegetables do your Greys seem to like the most?

Thanks in Advance,

Hello Everyone

My name is Melissa and I just adopted my first African Grey. I do have some bird experience, but it has been with Cockatiels and Quakers. I have spent time with a Grey, but this is the first one I have owned.

I have a soft spot for needy creatures and a situation presented itself that I just could not turn down. I have always wanted an African Grey and this boy desperately needed a new home. So desperately in fact that his adoption fee was unbelievably low. Yes, he is a plucker and will take lots of TLC, but he is such a sweet, gentle boy and I have done lots of research over the past few years so I'm confident that I can help him and things will go well. He has had a vet check and got a clean bill of health so the plucking is behavioral. I'm hoping that in a new home where he will get lots of attention he will stop. This all started when his last owner had a baby and the baby became scared of him so he has spent a lot of the past year in his cage.

Here's Max!


Sep. 15th, 2007

I found a video about Alex, but I can't link to it directly, there's the page of videos it's on.

So sorry to share this

Alex died. 

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Molting vs Plucking

Do those of you with african greys or other birds prone to feather plucking or mutilation ever worry if thats whats going on instead of a molt? :/

I'm sure that I'm just being paranoid but I really would love some reassurance about my little guy.

I have a CAG who is almost 1 year old and has not had his first molt yet. Recently he has been loosing allot of feathers, mostly down but a few bigger ones occasionally.

There are no bald spots that I can see and I haven't ever seen him physically remove a feather. One of the large feathers that came out was bent on the shaft but not damaged.

His beak doesn't look like its peeling now but it has been quite a bit. He recently went to the 'groomer' and they smoothed out the peeling so it looks OK for the most part.

I think I'm mainly worried because it seems like he is mostly loosing down feathers. They just seem to fly off him when he flaps or plays.

Otherwise he's a happy talkative little bird. I hope that he is molting because many of his baby feathers are so beaten up from rough housing and rolling over on his back, lol.